Fall Tune Up

Wow!, the contrast in temperature from high 80’s to low in the 40’s only means it is time to get you furnace tuned up for winter. For those who were waiting until fall to get their new furnace installed, this is the time. As your furnace gets older the efficiency decreases. Imagine buying a new furnace 15-20 years ago with an efficiency of 83%. Today its running approximately 70% efficient. To give you an analogy think about every time you get a bill for $100, $30 is going out your chimney. Having you furnace serviced not only maintains or increases the efficiency of you furnace but it also assures you that your furnace is not leaking the deadly gas of carbon monoxide. ¬†when I service your furnace not only do I clean it but I inspect your heat ex-changer. The heat ex-changer is what usually cracks causing the carbon monoxide to leak into the air flow and n the air you breath. There are many other components that go out during the winter leaving you freezing that I can clean or replace that will keep your furnace running all winter long.

If your furnace is between 15-20 years old it is time to start thinking about replacing it. At 20 years or over you are on borrowed time. It is not worth gambling your health or the health of your loved ones trying to get “one more year”. I can put in a 95% efficient furnace in for you. That means not only are you safe but the furnace will pay for itself over the first several years.

Remember to change your furnace filter every one- three months (see above filter tip). Also during the winter the out =side air is dry and the furnace dries the inside air even more causing many issues. Many people complain of bloody noses to the drywall cracking. I can install a whole house humidifier that will solve the problem. A new thermostat will assure the accuracy of where you want your temperature. I can install just a basic digital to a programmable and even one ran by wifi. Happy winter.

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