Do the math

Were you aware that having your furnace and air conditioner serviced yearly can save you money. Most problems that occur with your furnace or Air conditioner (AC) usually can be detected before the unit even breaks down. A seasonal tune up for your furnace this fall may prevent a break down this winter. The same goes for your AC in the spring time. A tune up consist of not only cleaning your unit in which itself is a huge preventive maintenance way of being pro-active but I do much more than that. Your furnace has sensors that are very sensitive to many house hold cleaning agents like laundry detergent, bleach and any other item that you can smell when you open its container. If you can smell it then that means the fumes are in the air and can be sucked in by the furnace during operation. How you ask? The furnace is fire that heats up metal (heat ex-changer) and the heat is blown though out your home. In order to have fire you need three things. 1)Fuel, 2)Spark and 3)Oxygen. The Oxygen comes from either two ways. The first being a intake pipe from outside sucking fresh air into your furnace. The second and most common is the furnace has louvers on the front door of the furnace and the oxygen is sucked in through the louvers. When I tune up your furnace I clean the sensors or replace them depending on the condition of the sensor. The good news is the sensors are not expensive at all. Also the furnace is usually installed in a basement or attic where it is subjected to a lot of moisture. This can and will cause rust. Properly maintaining your equipment will assure the longevity of your furnace. A tune up is an essential way of stopping and or finding a problem before it develops into a NO HEAT call in the middle of the night or on a weekend. we all know we are never that lucky for it to happen on a mild day. I am charging $65 tune up fee this fall to ensure you and your family are nice and cozy for the winter. parts are extra if needed. So Call me, AJ at (574)254-1034. I have been serving the greater South bend area and surrounding cities for 25 years. Lets save some Money!

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