Crazy Weather We’re Having!!

We had a mild winter and now we are having a cold spring. Welcome to Michiana! This means we are still using our furnaces for now but this too shall pass. You need to start thinking about getting your air conditioner serviced for the hot weather the meteorologist are predicting.   In order for me to take a proper reading of the level of your Freon the weather needs to be approximately 70 degrees outside.

This is the time also to get your old inefficient furnace and air conditioner replaced. Use your TAX check and receive Honeywell digital, programmable thermostat free with your new installation. Every year prices are going up on new equipment so why wait any longer. If you have an old inefficient furnace and air conditioner I can Install a new 95% efficient furnace and a 14 seer air conditioner.

The great thing is this year 2016 NIPSCO is giving a $300 rebate on any 95% furnace and a $300 rebate on 14 seer or above air conditioners. That’s $600 of of your already low price.

Remember if its warm outside, it should be cool inside!!!  Call AJ @(574)254-1034 for your free quote today.

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